Zhineng Qigong - More Testimonies

The following miracles took place in either healing or advanced practice.

Healing Miracles

Xialing Liu, female, 56 years old. She suffered from many illnesses such as persistent insomnia, reduction in white blood cells count, bile duct stones in the liver, and bone hyperplasia. On June 30, 2006, she went to Hunyuan Fitness Center to practice Zhineng Qigong as a treatment. One month later, a new medical examination showed an increase in the count of both blood platelets and white blood cells. An overall improvement in her health was easily observed as well as quality of sleep. Her Kunlun Aperture in the head was opened up on July 26, 2005 when Master Tian applied the Banghe Aperture – Opening Method.

Shishan Zhang, female, 41 years old. A B Ultrsonic examination showed that she had a 13.5 cm in diameter flesh tumor in her womb. After nine days of practicing Zhineng Qigong at the Hunyuan Fitness Center, the tumor diameter reduced to 9.8 cm. Her practice period was from August 7 to 16, 2005.

Jianling Hu, female, 49 years old. She suffered from facial nerve paralysis and terrible backache and could hardly walk when she went to Hunyuan Fitness Center for chigong help on April 20, 2005. A few days later, she was practicing Three Centers Merging Standing Form, she somehow went into the chigong state and practiced the form up to five hours without stop starting from six o’clock until 11 o’clock. Her backache disappeared like a miracle. She climbed Mo Mountain and suffered no pain in the back. This was what she could hardly dream of doing. Her head aperture was opened-up when Master Liu applied the Banghe Aperture-opening Method. Now, she persists in practicing ZBE for five hours every morning. Her overall health has been greatly improved.

Jiyang Huang, male, 69 years old, lawyer and professor. He suffered prostate cancer. On April 17, 2005, he went to Hunyuan Fitness Center for chigong treatment. After over one month of Zhineng Qigong practice, the test showed the PSA indicator dropped to 8, almost normal. The second test done in October 2005 showed that the PSA indicator dropped to 1.5, he completely recovered.

Youtao Ran, male, 40 years old. He suffered from slow-granule leukemia for over six years. His white blood cell count was over 40, 000. His spleen had expanded to a diameter of 20 cm (for a healthy individual, it's between 3 - 5 cm). He went to the Hunyuan Fitness Center for chigong treatment on June 21, 2005. Through his own practice, individual chi healing and group healing practice lead by Master Liu and Master Tian, his white blood cell count returned to normal with the test result showed 10400 (that of normal person is between 4000 – 10000). His spleen was reduced dramatically. On July 26, 2005, his Middle Dantian was opened up when Master Tian applied the Banghe Aperture-opening Method.

Miracles in Advanced Practice

Guang Liu, female, 53 years old. I undertook the Aperture Opening class (June 29 – July 31st, 2005). As a direct result of the lessons and subsequent practice, my health, both physical and mental has reached a higher level. Every day, after practice lead by Master Tian (Master Liu’s disciple), I have felt abundant Hunyuan chi within my body. On July 24, Master Tian clapped her hands once suddenly. In the same instant, I felt something drive into my lower Dantian. Then the aperture was opened. Two minutes later, my lower Dantian opened and closed all by itself. After that, chi started to gather into my lower Dantian whenever I practice ZBE as if it would never be filled up. Before that, I had to push chi to gather it into the Dantian from outside. Right now, my Dantian drags chi within. As soon as my mind keeps within my Dantian, chi comes in automatically. I feel like I'm connected with the Void and have formed a whole. It's a sensation with neither inside nor outside. Previously, I could hardly keep my mind focused within my Dantian. Now, my mind hardly leaves my Dantian during practice.

Shuyan Gu, female, 50 years old. She went to Hunyuan Fitness Center to practice Zhineng Qigong in May 2005. A column of light emerged between her middle Dantian and lower Dantian when Master Liu applied the Banghe Aperture-opening Method for the second time. Master Liu confirmed that her Central Channel was opened at the level of Mysterious Pass and can be called Mysterious Pass Column. There was no such precedent even in ancient times. Right now, her central channel has extended up to the crown and down to the perineum, and can pass through her crown up to the infinite Void beyond the blue sky.

Yaoming Li, male, 65 years old. He went to Hunyuan Fitness Center to practice Zhineng Qigong on April 9, 2005. His brain aperture was opened up on May 6 when Master Liu applied Banghe Aperture-opening Method. He made dramatic progress since then. Right now, he practices various forms for more than 11 hours every day at home, including five-hour ZBE in the morning, three-hour Zhuan Yao Shuan Kua (Posture Six of Body and Mind Form) in the afternoon, and three-hour meditation with mind focus in the brain center in the evening.

Bing Han, female, 60 years old. Her Mysterious Pass Aperture in the Lower Dantian was opened up when Master Liu applied Banghe Aperture-opening Method on May 6, 2005. Her Middle Dantian and Zhongwan aperture were opened up respectively when Master Tian applied Banghe Aperture-opening Method on July 24 and 26, 2005. Right now, five light meridians have emerged from the inside of the body. She has made great progress and experienced various reactions due to advancement.



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