Master Liu Saved My Life

I practiced Zhong Gong for some time in 1998, then stopped.

The Nightmare

Five years later, I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Surgery was performed in June 1988 at Wuhan Oral Cavity Hospital. Two thirds of my tongue was cut away, the left lymph node was also totally removed because it was a vicious tumor.

Radiation treatment was administered from July to August at the Wuhan Cancer Hospital. I experienced various side effects, such as ulcers in the whole oral cavity including all the gums, the remainder of my tongue and throat. The affected areas became red, hard, and swollen. My face turned black! The inflammation did not go away even with daily infusion treatments. All my teeth were loose. I could neither drink water nor eat. The radiation destroyed my ability to both smell and taste. I was unable to speak clearly. My whole body was very weak and I could only walk with difficulty.

Crying for Help

Then somebody introduced me to a spiritual master. She predicted that I would not live past August 15 in the Lunar Calendar. I asked her if there was any way that my life could be saved. She replied: " No, because your life is doomed to end now. If you can live over August 15, you may come to me to resolve the spell and prolong your life."

A Miracle

At this moment, I was losing all hope. That was when I encountered Master Liu. He treated me with Hunyuan medicine - ZBE practice + Chinese Medicine + Wall Squatting. During this treatment, my body changed everyday. At the beginning, I could hardly drink water. Quickly thereafter, I was taking normal meals. Without exaggeration, in as little as one and a half months, I escaped from the hands of death. I rested for another half month at home, and returned to work on November 1, 2003. It took me only two months to recover completely from the surgery. Isn't it a miracle?

Path to the Bright Future

Since 2003, I have been practicing ZBE every day, and increased the duration gradually from one hour a day to current five hours a day. I had other health problems before in the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, suffered long-term colds and stomachaches, etc. All these illnesses disappeared after the practice of ZBE. I not only restored my health, but also experienced huge conversions both mentally and spiritually.

I am not only a beneficiary but also a propagandist of ZBE. Right now, I am proud to be one of the practice leaders.


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