Reborn Twice

Master Liu saved my life twice in the past two years.

Living a Miserable Life

In March 2005, the doctor diagnosed his lung illness as squamous cell lung cancer. Because it was in such a critical area and some of the cancer cells had spread into the bones, surgery was out of the question. He took only one period of chemical treatment in the hospital. He also suffered from diabetes and had to take insulin injection of 20 units every morning and evening and a tablet every noon.

New Hope

In May 2005, Mr. Wang started to practice Zhineng Breathing Exercises (ZBE) and participated in the Aperture-Opening trial class instructed by Master Liu. His brain aperture was opened up during the second trial practice; moreover, it was the Mysterious Pass Aperture (Xuan Guan Qiao) in the brain was opened up. At that moment, Master Liu predicted with certainty that he would recover completely because the brain center controls all the functions and energy of both the five solid organs and the six hollow viscera.

Countinuous Practice

After the class was finished on May 15, 2005, Mr. Wang went home and practiced ZBE and Pulling Chi from one to two hours every day. He also took the Chinese medicine prescribed by Master Liu daily. In August 2005, CT scans showed no sign of cancer. The tumor disappeared completely within a short three-month of ZBE practice. His diabetes condition was also greatly improved. He had stopped the injections of insulin.

The Second Rebirth

Believing himself recovered completely, Mr. Wang started to violate the rules that Master Liu warned him. Unfortunately, the former symptoms came back. With no help from the doctors in any hospital, he returned to beg for Master Liu’s help again.

With abundant love and sympathy, Master Liu removed the cancer from Mr. Wang’s body for the second time.

From then on, Mr. Wang dared not to break the rules for cancer patients in recovery. He practiced ZBE very hard every day.

He has been working normally with no absence due to illness since then. Zhineng Breathing Exercises had changed his fate. This is an incredible miracle!


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