Exerpts of Blue Shell's Practice Diary

Personal Experience of Master Liu's Central Meridians

- The Chained Nine Pearls

April 4th, 2006

I found this Zhineng Qigong Chinese Forum in January 2006 and I was delighted with the abundant information it provided. I first entered Master Liu's Classroom and read many of his articles and lectures, though I doubted some of the new thoughts and ideas, I still carefully reviewed the articles in the column introducing Zhineng Breathing Exercise. I realized that both the theory and the form are simple and easy to learn. Especially, it hit right into my heart and dissolved all my doubts when Master Liu pointed out that a shortage of internal chi is a big obstacle for most of the Zhineng Qigong practitioners nowadays.

I started to practice ZBE on Feb.10, 2006, for one hour everyday. Five days later, when practicing the second posture of Body and Mind Form and the fourth posture of Five One Form, I was able to visualize clearly the shapes and states of the bones and muscles in my arms and ribs. My experiencing and observing abilities have greatly improved. The chronic joint pain that bothered me for over 20 years totally disappeared and has never returned. I had never dreamed of such a miraculous effect because I practiced ZBE for a short period of only ten days and ten hours in total.

The purpose of this message is to advise the new comers to this forum not to comment irresponsibly or leave too soon, but practice ZBE for some time according to the requirements, experience the benefits personally and then post your comments. If you follow Master Liu's advice to practice ZBE one hour a day for one month, for sure you will feel the great difference when practicing Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down, Body and Mind Form, or Five One Form. I made the above-mentioned progress because I strictly followed Master Liu's advice. If criticizing and negating with blindness, a golden opportunity to advance to a higher level will be missed.

October 1st, 2006

Today is an unforgettable day in my life. I reported my internal sensations to Master Liu that the visualization of my Central Meridian was very clear with only a little bit obstructing in my Adam's apple. Master Liu pointed at my Adam's apple and instructed: "Chant into the deep center of your Adam's apple." I followed his order right away.

That night before I went to bed, I felt something blocked in my Adam's apple and spitted out some blood. It happened again the next morning. After spitting more blood, I gargled and joined the group practice. My Adam's apple was able to open and close with the rhythm of my inspiration without any resistance. Master Liu confirmed that my Adam's apple had been opened up.

A few days later, I parted from Master Liu with the greatest difficulty and boarded a train home with his blessings. I entered a subtle state while still thinking about every moment being with him.

While I was chanting, I realized that my central meridian changed dramatically. Three light columns rose from my perineum, very uniform, without any difference, surrounded with a layer of cyanine chi. The central meridians were silver white with bright light at both top and bottom.

I continued my chanting and noticed that the three central meridians started to separate gradually, the middle one started from my perineum to my Baihui with a little branch linked to my urethra. The left and right ones started from my hips to my shoulders.

My middle and lower Dantians opened and closed both up and down, left and right. While the central meridians ascended, the whole internal chi field rose and I could felt pains in my Hunyuan Aperture; while the central meridians descended, I felt my body was separated into two parts at my Mingmen point.

The internal chi manifestations could be described as overturning rivers and seas. I felt burning heat in both my lower Dantian and the central meridians. I stopped chanting, but the roaring chi manifestations did not stop. At the same time, my consciousness also changed. I talked to myself as if I was greatly mistreated: "My body changed so much after I left my Master for only a few hours. What would have happened if I had stayed with him?" The whole process lasted more than four hours. It was an unforgettable test on my spiritual path towards enlightenment.

October 7th, 2006

The first night I arrived home, it happened that Master Liu lead group practice in the video chat-room. I felt like that I was personally with him.

When he sent his spiritual transmission to the lower Dantian, I visualized a sharp wheel turning at the center of my lower Dantian, all the organs turned into liquids. A wheel turned in the Mingmen and the middle Dantian as he moved up the transmission.

The liquidized organs in the lower Dantian were pressed up into the middle Dantian, and the lower Dantian was left as if it was a thin layer of skin. In the end, all the chest and abdomen were turned into a few "chained chi balloons".

I suffered strong chi reactions for four days after I arrived home. I felt very tired from the bones to the skins but in a very good mental state. I quickly recovered on the fifth day.



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